Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 is whooping my ass

2013 is so far turning out to be a tough year.

3weeks of January was spent in hospital fighting off an infection and sorting out a collapsed lung.

I managed 2 weeks at home, where I then ended up going back on home IVs. Towards the end of the home IVs I started to feel unwell again and ended up going into hospital and having another 2weeks of IVs-so four weeks in total.

I have once again managed another 2weeks at home, during which time I have picked up a chesty cough virus thing and coughed up some blood which means tomorrow I will be starting yet another 2 week course of IVs, at home.

So far this year I have spent 7 of the 13 weeks on IVs, after the next 2 weeks it will be 9weeks out of 15 on them. I do not like these statistics. I don't remember the last time my IV time outweighed my non IV time in a year.

Changes are once again being made to my medication routine to try and get me past 2weeks before needing IVs.