Thursday, December 29, 2011

100th blog post!

So I was about to blog when I realised that this would be my 100th blog post. It's not even going to be much of anything interesting but thought it should be noted that this is my 100th post according to my blogger stats.

So on with the post that I was going to write then!

I want to share with you my favourite page out of my new 2012 diary! The diary is an Edward Monkton one and this year it is the Chicken of Prosperity on the front (last year it was the dippy donkey). Every month you have a page of something edward monkton, the month to view on one page and then a week to a page in between. This year the picture below shows my favourite page:

I love Edward Monkton and have quite a large collection of his coasters (my aim is to eventually collect all of them), I also have a teapot now and an individual teapot with its own cup.

I have discovered that you either get Edward Monkton and his stuff or you don't. Some people just don't get it where as I love his stuff.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

So I thought I would start this post off with some pictures of my christmas hat collection! I love the christmas hats and I normally end up getting a new one each year somewhere in the month of December. They have been gathered from all different places and they also bring great delight to my nephew and nieces every year when they rediscover them!!

Below is a picture that shows all of my presents that I got this year:
And this picture is a close up of my Edward Monkton teapot:
I love Edward Monkton stuff and was very happy to find this and The Chicken of Prosperity 2012 diary in amongst my presents!! I have a lot of the Edward Monkton Coasters and really need to make a list so I can try and complete my collection of those.

Christmas was good this year. Lots of fun was had. I got some very nice presents (as can be seen in the photo). My main present this year was a nintendo 3ds which was a complete surprise!! I didn't really know what to ask for and I did want a 3ds (mainly because I am abit of a geek and have all of the nintendo handheld gaming consoles ever since the original gameboy was released) but was more than happy to wait for it to come down in price abit before I purchased it! I also got 13 new ducks to go in my collection (I collect rubber ducks mainly but there are also some ducks in their that are made of other materials but are the same size as a rubber duck is generally!). I am now running out of room for them to fit on the shelves I have so need to purchase some more so I can display them all. I believe my total is now 95 but I think it might be higher. I have an album of them all on my facebook account but I think a photo is missing on there so it maybe over 100 ducks that I have.

Other notable presents of the year: A duck cake mould, a travel mug that says "Keep Calm and Drink Tea" which will come in very useful when I go to school every tuesday as the cups must have lids on in the classroom in case they get spilt and their travel mugs are all old and make the tea taste horrible!, my aerolatte moo (It's a frother thingy ma bob that means you can make thick milkshakes at home and also make really frothy thick hot chocolates and stuff like that) and my teddy bear warmer (it has a microwave heat pack in it, so that your teddy acts like a hot water bottle, hes amazingly soft and will be going with me on Beaver sleepovers etc!).

I don't think there are any presents I didn't like this year and feel very lucky and very grateful for all that I have received because it shows people have thought about me.

I woke up at about 6.15am christmas day morning (apparently my nephew had been awake since 5.30am so I feel lucky that I got an extra 45mins more than my mum, dad and sister did!). We opened stockings and went downstairs at about 7.30. My dad and nephew then came downstairs dressed as santa and rudolph (my nephews idea as his reindeer costume still fitted him from last year and he wanted to wear it but needed someone to lead him downstairs!). Me and my nephew then opened presents. I had all of mine open before breakfast and we decided to take a break for breakfast at about 8.30am as he still had loads to open! After breakfast he finished opening his presents and then my grandma and my sister opened theirs. For the rest of the morning we just chilled out abit, examined some of our presents. We had lunch at about 1pm. It was extremely yummy. I always love christmas dinner with the turkey and trimmings. In the afternoon my brother, his partner and my nieces came up for an hour or so after we had finished eating. After they had left my parents opened their christmas presents. By this time it was about 5pm and nobody was feeling hungry (unsurprisingly as we didn't finish our massive christmas dinner until about half 2), so we played some games instead! Once my nephew was in bed at about half seven, I did my treatments (as unfortunately you don't get a break from things like nebulisers, physio and tablets for CF even on christmas day) and then played a couple of games of Blokus duo with my mum, while my sister and dad played some games of Othello. At about half nine we all went to bed as it had been a long day after being up so early!!

So that was how I spent my christmas day!! Boxing day I spent at my parents house also mainly playing scrabble with my grandma (We played five games and I won 4 of them-she was not very happy about this at all. She is a very sore loser when it comes to scrabble as she normally plays twice a week so doesn't like the fact that I beat her and probably only really play a few times a year) and then my brother and nieces came up again for the afternoon for some tea. After another buffet style tea I came home and took the photos of all my presents and did not much else. I spent some time online having a look at some sales and brought a few things and updated my amazon wishlist to reflect what I had received for christmas (some items were given to me that were on it but not bought from the list so they needed removing). I also then got a few things off the list myself that had been reduced to some good prices.

Today I have sorted through all my presents and found places for them all somewhere within my house (They got split into 3 piles- study, bedroom or kitchen as the stuff that would stay in my living room was already there after I took the pictures last night) and have been moved to the appropriate places. I have a pile of dvds sat by my TV ready and waiting to be watched. They will take a while to get through though as there are 2 films and 5 boxsets of some tv series (The big bang theory S4, House MD S7, Chuck S1-3). I look forward to watching them all though. I have never seen Chuck but they were given to me by my friends and we have extremely similar TV likes (I would say 90% of our TV series dvd collections are identical) so I trust them that I will love it if they have given it to me.

Friday, December 23, 2011

This is a new decoration which I brought in September when I went away for the week. I got it from a christmas shop in Holt! I love my christmas penguins and have so far managed to not knock them off- which is quite impressive.

My tree!
The tree again from the other side

Artfully draped tinsel!! (Yes I know the sides are not even but I can't be bothered to fix it)

It's the 23rd December, christmas is nearly upon us and its certainly been an interesting lead up to it!!

I went away to my friends house at the weekend for a few days and we then went on to a cottage for a few days away there. Things were great while we were at her house but apparently a difference in opinion on the subject as to how friendly you should be with your ex-lecturers/teachers means she is no longer really happy with me. Since coming home on wednesday she has not been replying to any messages I've sent her and she left quite quickly after dropping me off- not even stopping for a drink before leaving again. Ah well I'm sure things will be fine and if not I guess we weren't as good friends as I thought we were. I'm not upset with her over her views and can respect that we have differences in how we see things but she doesn't seem to feel the same way.

Yesterday I also managed to have abit of a blazing row with my brother over text message which was interesting to say the least. It basically boiled down to the fact that ever since we've had our own money and the ability to go out into town and spend it however we like (so about 16 onwards when people start going into town now it seems and generally getting drunk- not me just my brother!) I have always helped him out when hes been short on money and needed help. This has happened in varying amounts and I have rarely ever said no. So he always thinks whenever he needs money he can just ask and it wont be a problem. Well this timeI said no as he still owes me money from August and he didnt like it and alot of things were said and I reminded him I'm not his personal bank. He also then tried to guilt me into changing my mind by saying he has two young girls and its christmas etc etc. In the end though I think it was all sorted and seemed he was having a bad morning and I got the brunt of it which wasn't really necessary.

Some more positive things though:
  • all my presents are wrapped and delivered to the correct houses they need to be in for christmas day
  • the presents I have received from people are also put away ready for christmas day and away from temptation
  • I made gingerbread biscuits yesterday in christmassy shapes for over the festive weekend

I ran out of positive things for now.

Tomorrow it is my grandmas birthday so I will be going out for some lunch to celebrate her birthday with her. Then will be going to my parents ready to spend Christmas day there.

My camera is currently on charge so that I can take lots of pictures. I am looking forward to christmas day and spending it with family

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Catch up

So I was going to do a photo blog to show what I had been upto since my last blog in October. However I have just realised that I have taken no photos during that time that I can post on my blog (not because they are rude but because they are all Beaver scout related and my permissions for the photos doesnt extend to personal blogs!).

So a brief summary then:

At the end of October I went away for the weekend to Lord Amory (Docklands Scout Project) with the scouts. It was a good weekend. They had loads of fun doing water activities on the river whilst I quite happily spent the majority of my time on the ship on the catering team. This meant between 5 of us we cooked meals for a group of 50 in total!! This is no mean feat when the ships galley isn't really that big and you also have to cater for 2 vegetarians!! The menu wasn't overly simple stuff either. On the saturday they had bolognese for lunch followed by pie and veg for their evening meal and on sunday we cooked a full roast dinner (with a choice of 2 meats, roast potato and 3 different veg) followed by apple crumble for dessert!!

November I went back onto IVs for 2 weeks, they went well! After my IVs had finished I went to my friends wedding which I unfortunately had to leave early from because of a sudden bout of haemoptysis. There was no warning for it and I had been feeling great all day so it was abit disappointing that I had to leave early on in the night (I didn't even get to see them dance their first dance!).

After speaking to my hospital team about it they don't know why its happened but seems to think it has something to do with residual infection from the end of IVs. It followed the same course as my bout of haemoptysis in September. They both happened 3-4days after finishing IVs and both happened despite me feeling great and being out and social just hours beforehand (or in the case of last month still being out and being sociable).

This brings me up to December. The start of December hasn't gone overly well. Just over a week ago I started with a cold and in the middle of the week I was diagnosed with a small amount of bronchitis as a result of my body trying to fight the cold and keep my usual bugs in control! So this has left me feeling alot breathless at times and quite worthless. When a walk to your bathroom is too much and leaves you breathless for 10mins you know things are not right- especially when you live in a bungalow and the 'walk' is only like 10 steps away from where you were sat!!

On a more positive note all of my christmas decorations are up, christmas presents wrapped and cards written!