Monday, May 30, 2011

Centenary Camp

This weekend was the Districts Centenary Camp to officially celebrate 100years of scouting in my hometown.

It was lots of fun with a full day of activities on the saturday and activities all of sunday morning before they went home in the middle of sunday afternoon after a scouts own.

On the saturday I was in charge of the giant bouncy slide activity. This mainly involved letting no more than 8 kids on the slide at a time and restricting them to 3slides at a time and telling them if they wanted more they then had to go to the back of the queue!

There was lots of activities on offer all weekend. They had the following to chose from (that I know of/saw evidence of): Bouncy slide, bouncy castle, bouncy obstacle course, pyography, juggle ball making, kite making, dream catchers, making tincan pancakes, camp donuts, climbing wall, badge making, face painting, airplane making and many other things such as large wooden logic type puzzles, sumo wrestling, handpowered cars things (you basically sat in a seat and used are power to turn the wheels so you could move about).

I arrived at the campsite at about 4pm friday afternoon. By 6.30pm when all the kids arrived we had all of the tents up (8 of them). This was quite an accomplishment on my half seeing as I have never really put any tents up and it was windy and there were no instructions with the tents. This was aided by the help of 1 explorer scout for the majority of the time. Friday evening was just supper and getting settled in for the scouts.

Saturday morning I was woken up at 6.30am (after getting at most 3hours sleep!) by some very noisy girl scouts who I was less than impressed with as they were on the opposite side of our pitch. Which means they were far too noisy for that time of the morning for my liking and I may have got up and shouted at them to be quiet especially when they were the tent who caused the problems the night before with noise and going to sleep! At 8.30am all of the cubs and beavers started turning up ready for activities to start at 10am. What ensued was basically organised chaos with the kids free to go to any activity they wish with the instructions 'they be safe, have fun and if there is a long queue at one activity then go to another and come back to the other one later as they would be there all day'.

Saturday night was the campfire which our group rocks at! We provided the best songs and entertainment at the campfire and got everybody joining in our songs where as the other groups didnt! We are very proud of our campfire abilities. Although I may have got abit too strenous during the song I led 'the chicken song' and did end up hurting my chest and generally tiring myself out for the rest of the weekend over a 5minute song (but so totally worth it). Apparently I was extremely close to another leader coming upto the front and telling me to go sit down! oops!! At least they care enough to know that I am probably overdoing it and making me stop.

Sunday morning was again more activities and then in the afternoon a scouts own was held. A scouts own is usually held at the end of a camp and is a time for them all to reflect on things they have done over the camp and what kind of messages they can send to others about scouting (it can be quite religious in its reflections or can be kept more general but it is kind of like an extremely mini church service-usually no longer than 20-30mins). Then it was time to send the kids home!

I also went home last night because I had overdone it, I did however have the option to stay on one more night and enjoy a leaders night at camp. Basically leaders night is a chance for all the leaders to socialise without having to worry about looking after anyone under the age of 18 whilst also drinking copious amounts of alcohol! If there are any children on site then it is a dry camp in terms of no alcohol is allowed to be drunk.

Overall a very good weekend even if on occasion it was very windy!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back to doing what I do best........

..... making biscuits!!

That is all :o)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So below are some pictures of IV time during the last couple of weeks:

Looking pretty rough in this picture! This is day one and I had just got home after having my port needled and first dose administered.

Giving the meropenum! This was one big syringe to give by bolus!
Mid-way through IVs and giving my skin a breather from tegaderm.

End of IVs with needle removed, If you look at the picture carefully you can see where the needle has been sat and also where the padding was over the needle between the tegaderm.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quick catch up

So not posted for a couple of weeks. Going to do a brief catch-up and in the next post I will upload some photos once they are on my computer.

On the 4th May I started on IVs. three times a day- meropenum and colistin. The colistin has provided its usual side effects of numb-tingly lips/gums/tongue and occasionally also in the tips of my fingers. Unfortunately nothing can be done about this and it isnt an allergic reaction and whilst it remains tolerable they will continue to give me the antibiotic. Just have to be careful I dont drink a cup of tea too fast as the receptors can be abit distorted and I dont realise things are as hot as they actually are. There have been no side effects from the meropenum but it is just a pain having to draw it up and give as its a massive 60ml syringe!! I find it hard giving a bolus syringe that is so big.

Yesterday I took part in Jamboree On The Trail (JOTT) with my scout group and another group in the district, for the day we were 71st grancaster which was a merger of our two group names!! It was an 8 mile walk. Luckily the weather stayed good for most of the day. It was 20minutes to picking up where we got caught in a brief but heavy downpour of rain. Luckily we had finished the walk and was back at the park where we started so the kids were just having a play whilst waiting for parents. We had also just got our icecreams so we were eating icecream in the rain- an unusual experience but probably not the first time its happened and highly doubt it will be the last. Here is me during picnic time halfway through the walk:

Otherwise I havent really been upto alot apart from the usual scouts on a thursday evening. I will leave this post with a picture of Buddy. one of the other leaders brought her 2 dogs along for JOTT and I had Buddy all day. We gave both the dogs hi vis neckers wear to be part of scouting!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My A-Z!

Just For Fun ... My A-Z

Shamelessly stolen from my friend Becky's blog!!

A - Age:

B - Bed size:

C - Chore you hate: Ironing

D - Dog's name: I don't have a dog but the dog we had when I was a child was called Cindy

E - Essential start your day item: erm at the moment that would be a cup of tea and party rings!

F - Favorite color: I don't know if I really had a favourite but I have a purple bedroom and I picked that so I guess purple!

G - Gold or Silver: Silver

H - Height: 5 foot 2

I - Instruments you play(ed): I played the recorder in primary school and that's it

J - Job title: Volunteer

K - Kid(s): none

L - Living arrangements:
Live in a semidetached bungalow by myself

M - Mom's name:

N - Nicknames: Floss

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Lots and lots!! For courses of IVs, three portacath ops and other CF related stays.

P - Pet Peeve: People who are late

Q - Quote from a movie: " I carried a watermelon" Dirty Dancing!

R - Right or left handed: Right

S - Siblings: 2 older sisters and a twin brother

T - Time you wake up: depends on whether the alarm is set and how well I am. Usually somewhere between 7am and 8.30am on natural rising if I am well, anything as late as 9.30am when not feeling so good.

U- Underwear:
Girl boxers

V - Vegetable you dislike: Parsnip

W - Ways you run late: Other people! Mainly other people I have to pick up and take to scout meetings so have no choice but to wait for them when they are late (I have been known to leave people behind if they are late and I know they aren't needed for say adult/child ratio numbers!!)

X - X-rays you've had: At least 25 chest x-rays but probably alot more as I'm sure some years I have had more than 1 x-ray but usually it is one x-ray a year. I've also had my neck and spine x-rayed when I was in a car accident.

Y - Yummy food you make: Biscuits and cake

Z - Zoo favorite: Penguins