Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's official......

............. I'm moving house!

Not only am I moving house but I am moving away from my hometown to be with my fiance Big exciting times ahead.

We get the keys to the new house on Monday and then we have got a months overlap between giving up our old houses and moving into the new house together.

The moving van is booked for the first week in January to take all my furniture and belongings to the new house, which then gives me 10days to thoroughly clean my old house and make sure I get all of my deposit money back (which I should do!).

Quite excited but nervous at the same time.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A quick catch-up

So  realised I havent really done a proper blog recently apart from the one yesterday catching up on my weekend, so this is a quick post to catch you up on the few days before then!

Thursday was CF clinic today, it didn't go well...... lung function was back down to 52%, so I have already lost the 13% I gained from having ivs about a month ago, my weight has also dropped again by 2kgs. This means I am back in the danger zone of having IVs over christmas and a prescription has already been made and put into the pharmacy for me to start on build up drinks. This decline is probably related to the stress of preparing for moving house next month! I am also starting on some oral antibiotics, but if no improvement by the 14th, IVs it is, nicely for the period of christmas again.

Friday was the awards dinner. I did not win my category but instead came runner-up, as did my friend who was also nominated and shortlisted in the same category! The meal was quite fancy. the starter was sweet potato soup with blue cheese scone, it was very yummy and I would eat it again, the scone thing tasted like dumpling. The main course was a blade of beef with lemon & thyme dauphinoise potatoes and a carrot puree, with some broccolli, roasted carrots and swede or parsnip. I did not like this course!! The dessert was sticky toffee pudding with ice cream, this course was also nice :)

After the meal was the presentation of the awards, some photos and then home time. I took my fiance and my parents with me to the awards dinner and enjoyed my time with them

Monday, December 3, 2012

A festive weekend....

I love christmas and everything about it!! Now the start of december is upon us, the festivities start in earnest :)

This weekend was a weekend spent with my fiance and his mini-me. The tree was put up, mince pies were made, festive jumpers were worn, ceiling decorations put up and most excitingly of all a trip to santa was made!!

I have always loved christmas but sharing it with D and A this weekend has made me fall in love with it just that little bit more.

Saturday afternoon we got the tree out and decorated it, with A helping out really well and being really gentle placing the baubles on the tree and helping to place the angel on the top. He has then left the tree alone since then, as if to say, ok its up, its not affecting the space i have to play so its fine. He loved opening his advent calendar and even stole Ds first chocolate out of his as well. Some ceiling decorations were also put up, and we decided to save doing the rest of the decorations for when A wasnt around so we could get them put out safely without him wanting to break them! We took a quick trip to get a few more ceiling decorations and also got A a singing dog dressed in a santa outfit as he fell in love with it in the shop. We had already previously shown him some of the singing toys you get at christmas time and he wasnt interested in any of those in the slightest, but he fell in love with this one!! He sits and presses the button repeatedly on it for ages without getting bored, he dances along and shakes his head to it as if he is copying the dog, it is so sweet to see.

Sunday morning we were up bright and early and on our way to the farm for a trip to see santa! I decided we were a little bit crazy as when we got there at 10.15am, we were the only visitors at the farm...... not overly suprising when you realise it was 1degree outside and the ground was still frozen solid. After a play in frozen sandpit, and a quick 5min play in the soft play barn we went for a hot chocolate to warm us up. I also got A a childs one, which he really enjoyed. He was abit confused at first as to what this strange drink was in his cup as it didnt taste of orange or blackcurrant and it was warm but he soon realised it was yummy!! It was his first experience of drinking hot chocolate whilst with his daddy (and possibly his first ever hot chocolate).

We then toddled round to santas workshop, where we made some cards whilst waiting to go into his grotto. Who knew glitter could get so far!! This was really love to see as A really enjoyed himself doing this crafty activity and sat really nicely for a good 10mins on his daddys knee making the cards and having fun. We have noticed in the last few weeks he is enjoying doing things like this and will sit for longer periods of time doing them than the previous 30seconds earlier on in the year. so I think we may invest in some glue and glitter soon to make some more things with him.

then it was time to see santa, and anyone who knows A knows he is not a child who likes to sit still ever!! However he sat perfectly on the bench the entire time we were with santa (it was about 5-10mins, and you go in with a group of people so young childen dont get scared!) and didnt complain and sat looking and listening to santa and at all the bright colours and presents around him. BONUS he didnt try and grab any of the wrapped presents and open them! It was so magical to see him visit santa and then daddy and A got their picture taken with santa as well. Just before we left A was given a present which he opened with daddy :)

We then decided to go home as A was ready for his nap. Sunday afternoon I made some mince pies for D (because Im just that nice) and A helped me make them which he also really enjoyed and was very good with. We might make cakes next weekend as he really seemed to enjoy it :) He didnt quite like it so much when the rolling pin was taken away because we were all finished and he still wanted to play or when i made him sit for a photo to show them off but he wasnt allowed to eat one (they were still too hot).

Its been an all round wonderful weekend and I cant wait to get the tree up in my house now as well and spend more time doing some fun christmas crafts and seeing what the rest of the month brings.