Sunday, February 27, 2011


So all of the last week I have been busy with GANGSHOW! My district holds it every 2 years and we have been rehearsing since september!!

It's a very intense week when it comes to show week. Monday and Tuesday are technical rehearsals in the theatre where all the lighting is set for the different scenes and all the backstage crew work out what props need to be on the stage and when! The cast are also busy getting used to being on the stage and working out just how long we have to get changed and when we need to be in the wings (With a cast of 60 ranging in age from 7-60+) you can't be standing in the wings when you arent needed as you just get in the way! Wednesday was our dress rehearsal with an invited audience of people from the nursing homes in our town. Then thursday night, friday night, saturday afternoon and saturday night were the actual performances!!!

I struggled with quite alot of it and frustratingly had to miss out on quite a few of the scenes I should of been in the first 3 shows due to coughing and or chest pain that I knew would mean as soon as I tried to sing on stage I would just start coughing! However the final show was amazing. Inbetween the saturday shows I did my nebuliser which I think made a big difference, I battled through everything and made it onto the stage for everything i was meant to be in on the saturday night show. Below are a few photos from my week:

Doing my nebuliser backstage between shows

When I wasn't on stage during shows I could mainly be found reading my book!

This was me just before going on stage for the finale in the last show. The finale of the gangshow is always done in uniform (well for our one it is anyway!). So this is me in my leaders uniform wearing the gangshow necker!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A week of alot of baking and other things

So it appears that it wasn't wait and see how I got on with the septrin before I started IVs!! On monday I got a nice surprise phone call from my CF nurse to book in me for some IVs! I will know be starting on those on the 2nd March as I had said the earliest I could start them was the 28th Feb. They couldn't do the 28th Feb and then when I checked my diary I realised I was at diabetic clinic on the 2nd March anyway so it was decided to combine clinic with the start of IVs!!! Whilst wasn't expecting to be booked in, it turns out it probably won't be such a bad thing as I have come out with another cold today, after being cold free for all of about 5days. So whilst the septrin will hopefully prevent this cold from getting on my chest it won't make my chest any better than it was before either.

I have done quite abit of baking this week! On Monday I made a batch of shrewsbury biscuits (a rich biscuit with raisins in). Wednesday I made mini banoffee cupcakes and shared them with my friends (packet mix). Yesterday I made a batch of fairy cakes from scratch and made them rainbow surprise ones (you stir in hundreds and thousands into the mixture before spooning into cases) and then decorated them with icing and glitter writing icing pens! Today I have just made another batch of shrewsbury biscuits but these ones have got white chocolate chips in instead of raisins. I must say all of them have tasted very yummy!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Clinic and biscuit baking

Yesterday was my clinic appointment. Lost a couple of kgs in weight but still within what appears to be my usual range so they weren't worried about that. Lung function down 10%-they were a little worried about that!! I kind of made a compromise with them in that I said I wasn't having IVs until at least the 28th feb!! I usually go to my parents house if I'm on IVs so my mum can help me out but she goes away for a week on wednesday and then I also have gangshow from 21st-26th feb! There's no way I was going on IVs now and having to drop out of gangshow after 6months of rehearsals!!!
So instead I am on a 2week course of septrin to see how that goes with the view to starting IVs after they have finished if lung function no better.

Didn't see anyone else in clinic except the CF nurse to flush my port and then it was off back home after a relatively quick hour and a half!

Today I have baked some biscuits and here are some photos below:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Not alot has happened

Not alot has really been happening since my last blog post.

I've been busy organising the scout sleepover and doing risk assessments for the activities that we hope to run for it.

I spent some time with my brother and his family on tuesday. I love spending time with my nieces. Even if I did end up covered in rusk biscuit- twice!!

I have also done some more baking. This time I made rocky road cupcakes! They are pretty chocolatey and also very very yummy!!

I also made some more penguin biscuits as my last supply ran out. I have also ordered some new cutters which I look forward to using to see if the shapes are recognisable and how they will work out!! Will post pictures to see if people can work out what they are!!