Friday, February 19, 2010

Hospital Stay Required

I am now playing a waiting game with the hospital until a bed becomes available for me to go into hospital to have ivs and tests to see if I have ABPA. Also they want to monitor my blood sugars for awhile (although they are doing ok) and work out why my lung function isn't going back up to where it was just 6months ago.

Not looking forward to it but the hardest thing is knowing that my sister also wcf doesn't support me and has a very low opinion of me. Life is hard enough when you are dealing with CF and diabetes, but when there is someone else in your family who can probably understand the most and offer support doesn't it's pretty tough. As far I can tell she would be quite happy if she didn't have to ever see me again or speak to me. It feels like I only have 2siblings instead of 3. Even then I still get left out of plans. It seems when we siblings want to meet up its either plans with my sister or plans with me. Yesterday I was at clinic and couldnt of met up with my other sister even if I wanted to, but didnt even find out until yesterday that she was going to be in our home town because she was meeting up with the sister I don't get on with. Then my brother went along for tea as well. Talk about being the one left out!! The nice sister isnt around alot so it would of been nice to see her, but things are so tense between me and my other sister that I just dont get invited or its not worth it knowing what things will be like.

Feeling pretty low today. Will probably blog quite regularly once I get into hospital.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I dont know if anyone reads this anymore, I dont have alot to say. I just wanted to blog so I dont feel so alone.

Struggling a little bit recently with some health stuff mainly my diabetes and its something that just makes me feel very alone within my family as noone else has that to worry about. At least when its something to do with my Cf if I wanted to I could talk to my sister and she would understand.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is abit of a nothing post really, I just wanted to say my IVs finish tomorrow morning. I am quite happy about this but I also see the physio and get to see what my lung function is doing (not so happy about that).

Also I've just seen a trailer for the film the lovely bones:

And I really want to go and see it. I've read the book a number of times so I would love to see how the film compares. I am usually quite disappointed in the film versions of books I love (an example of this is my sister's keeper-nowhere near as good as the book). I have also seen some films, realised its been made due to a novel, read the novel and loved that more than the actual film. I just hope they stay quite true to the book and would love to see how it plays out.