Monday, June 8, 2009


I am getting very excited about going away to Edinburgh for a long weekend. My train leaves at 9.18am Thursday morning and I will finally get there at 13.38 in the afternoon!! That is a long train journey, but 30mins of that is waiting for a connecting train but even so still a long time on the train!!

I went into town this morning and brought myself some things to occupy myself with on the train. This was a magazine, a puzzle book and I was also browsing the ds games and ended up getting 2 new ones in an offer of 2 for £30. These were 101 games in 1, which I've already had a play on and seems good, its essentially lots of minigames and you have to get high scores on them to be able to unlock more of the games-you start with 10 unlocked games, so lots of potential in that to keep me occupied. I also got the book collection, which I thought would be quite good. As that gives me a 100books to read but takes up less than space than a normal book would. So that will be something that will be used more for when I go away on holidays, especially with ones that involve long journeys to get to my destination such as this trip and the one I have got to Brugges at the beginning of July!

I also picked up a couple of snacky things (some pink wafer biscuits!) and I already have some strawberry jaffa cakes, which are going into my case for if we get peckish in the evenings in the B&B! My friend went into town (who I am going away with) as well abit later on and came back with an awesome card game that I have talked about before for us to play on the train and in the evenings in the B&B.

We have got so much planned, so I think we are going to be extremely tired when it comes to the evenings and not doing much more than sleeping!! I have also charged up my camera batteries, empty my memory card and sorted my purse out so I am only taking the cards I will need with me for the weekend, which I've worked out is just my ID, student card (to get discount admissions) and my bank card. my suitcase is already essentially packed, except for the final few items that cant go in until last minute! I have almost packed my bag for the stuff I will want on the train but not quite gone that far!!

Anyway I will stop talking about Edinburgh now and will probably blog again once I am back as I'm not up to anything between now and then to talk about anything else.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I may have been slightly bored and done a google search to see if there was a picture of my house still on the net from an old archive saving and there is! And this is it! So this is the outside of my new home:
So you can just see the shed in the background, which is at the bottom of the garden, but mainly you can see the drive and the front garden

Thursday, June 4, 2009

13 days!!!

In 13 days time at 4pm I will be collecting keys to my new home!!! I am so excited about this- I've got the biggest grin on my face!!! This is for the bungalow that I mentioned on my last post, however the property has already been taken off the internet so I cant steal any of the photos to put on here to show people, so photos will have to wait until I get the keys. I am so so so so excited and happy that my credit checks were good and I was able to take on the property. My new home is only 5minutes away from my family home, which is excellent because it means my mum and dad dont have far to come if I'm ill and need them for anything but where it is located we can't see what each other are upto either and so won't feel like I'm being watched all the time.

I now have a busy couple of weeks, I go back to my student house on saturday. I am going away for a long weekend on thursday 11th to Edinburgh with one of my housemates. We come back on the monday, on tuesday my old drug company (Clinovia/ BUPA) are coming to collect their drugs fridge (Which I dont really understand why as they cant use it for anyone else so will just scrap it, but because my care is no longer with them they want it back- plus we've had this fridge for well over 10years as well!). I have been using this fridge at uni for all my milk and ensure plus etc., so I have delibrately been ignoring their calls since the middle of April. However as I have now finished uni and dont need it I rang them and getting them to collect from my uni house. Then on the Wednesday I will be back in my home town to get keys to my new house. Also somewhere in that week before going to edinburgh and getting back before the wednesday I need to finish packing my uni room up as I most likely won't be staying there again after this week. I'm just so unbelievably happy and excited over this right now.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

so its been awhile

Ok, I'll admit it- I'm abit of a lame blogger at the minute!!! I realise I haven't blogged in awhile and there is no excuse for that-its all just laziness!!

I havent been upto lots really except for tidying up my student room and packing up all my books and dvd cases to be brought back home for storage until I have somewhere to live of my own (or alternatively to be sorted and unpacked back in the family home if I end up staying back there). My uni room is now pretty much empty of everything except the things I still need until I move out of there permanently (which has to be by July 10th). I am at home for a week as got somethings to do, but when I go back there on saturday my dad will be taking my computer desk and chair back, leaving me with the rubbish plastic chair to sit on but I can cope with that. I've transferred my computer to the desk that came with the room as I dont need that for writing on anymore and wont really be in my uni room much more anyway.

Tomorrow I am at the legion caseworker information day, which is the first stage of me becoming a caseworker for The Royal British Legion, I think I've talked about it before but essentially tomorrow is a 20minute ish powerpoint presentation followed by a 5minute "interview" where I will also be given forms to fill in for a CRB check at a later date. Then the actual training will be in september sometime, which is a 2day course.

I am not really upto much for the rest of the week except for friday evening when I am out at Breakthrough for rehearsals. Breakthrough is a group I helped set up 3years ago (this is the 4th year that its been running) and there is about 12 people (never more than 20) in the cast. The show is a variety one of songs from different musicals and any money we raise goes to a local charity. I did the first show but then due to uni didn't do the last two, but can do this one again this year-yay! I love doing stage shows and while I don't have confidence to sing solo or duets I just love being in the chorus and being on stage. The show is only one night-which is absolutely fantastic because it means you give your all to that one night and is better than when you do 3 or 4 performances (I used to be part of another group called Variety Venture which did shows twice a year, with 4performances per show!). Although it is absolutely tiring doing the show with everything it involves I wouldn't miss being part of it unless I really had to. The show is at the end of July (24th) and rehearsals have just started which are every friday night!

However I feel the most exciting news I have to give is that I applied for a bungalow on friday!!! It it absolutely gorgeous- I fell in love with it and is the one I have mentioned before. Well I viewed it again officially on friday and handed in the forms to apply for it. So the credit checks and references are currently going through for me and my guarantor (who is my dad and his boss has received and filled in the form necessary about his salary to check he gets enough to be guarantor). These usually take no longer than 2weeks to complete-if not faster and assuming everything is all ok (which it should be!) I should have the keys for the property by the end of this month!!!!! Extremely exciting!! I will put pictures up of it as soon as I get confirmation that I have definitely got it.
I will leave you with a picture of Jasper (Brown bear) and Freddy. Freddy is mine and Jasper is my best friends, but he is temporarily in my care! My best friend moved from uni on friday to start her new job and due to space where she is currently residing and also with the fact that she had a massive suitcase and large rucksack (65litre one!) cramed full of all her clothes and essentials (this was literally jst clothes, shoes and official type documents) she didnt have room for Jasper on the train as well. So I am currently looking after him until his mummy comes to visit me or I go to visit her-which will hopefully be very very very very very soon! Friday was a very emotional day when I had to say goodbye to her, even though I knew I would see her again and it wasnt the end of our friendship it was still tough after we went from living together in year 1 to just being 5minutes away over the last 2 years, knowing that we are at least an hour and a half away by train is very tough.