Monday, July 30, 2012

Facing the prospect of a hospital stay......

So Wednesday is Clinic day.

It's the day where I will get to do my lung function again and see if its improved, stayed the same or got worse. If its the same or worse then I highly doubt I will get away without not having any IVs this time round. I only have 1 issue with this, my home support won't be in place. This means I will need to spend some time in hospital to have them instead of doing them at home. My parents are going away for a week and there is no point in having IVs if I am doing all 3 doses and all my meals at home with no rest for the ordinary day to day living tasks. It won't be fun, the only people who normally visit me if I'm in hospital is my parents. Due to the nature of Cystic Fibrosis you have to be in your own individual side room (as opposed to sharing a bay with 6-8 bed in it) and you aren't allowed out of your room unless you are going off the ward, as they are usually en suite rooms, just in case you bump into another CF patient. It can get quite lonely.

I don't particularly have the option of delaying treatment until my parents are back off holiday as then I will be on IVs during my brothers wedding, my birthday and missing out on going away for the week.

It's not a fun choice to make. At least I know the diabetic side of the appointment should be relatively ok as things are back on track there.

So fingers crossed for an improved lung function on wednesday

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The real to-do list

Do you ever feel like your to-do list is never ending, that you cross one thing off and 3 more things get added??? Thats how I feel right now, so much is going on and I don't even know how to fit it all in properly. Then I saw this picture:

And it made me realise that maybe my list isn't so bad and I should just take some of the pressure off. So what my house isn't the tidiest it could be, not many people see it (by that the people who enter my house are me, my bf and my mum). The parts people see if other people come to the door is tidy so what does it matter????

Things need doing and as long as the real important stuff is done what does it matter if the lesser things dont get done because you choose to do something fun instead.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Holiday time!

I have just spent the last week in Cyprus with my parents visiting my sister and her husband. Her husband is in the RAF and 2 yrs ago he got posted to Cyprus to the army base in Episkopi (It has a joint army/raf police unit and her husband is in the raf police). This was my second visit to Cyprus, I also went last year at the very beginning of June. The temperature while we were over there was always in the 30s and a couple of days it went over 40, with one day it topping 45degrees!! In the evenings and at night I think the lowest it went to was 26!! Thats very warm. I had a great time. We spent a few days at the beach which was very enjoyable as there was a nice sea breeze there which made it feel a little cooler. We bought some bat and balls to play with in the sea which helped pass the time. They were probably my favourite days. We also went halfway up troodos mountain to a village called Omodos, which is still quite a traditional cypriot village and they had lots of handmade lace for sale. It was nice to have a walk round the village and have a look at the church there. We also spent a morning in Paphos, which was very warm! We indulged in a few meals out and had a couple of cypriot meals. The first night we went out we had a meze which is 14 courses of food. They bring out enough food for you literally to have a sample of it all, so although its not a lot of food its not a whole portion in each course. I rediscovered my love for halloumi cheese and taramosulata dip. I also ate alot of pitta bread and salad while away this week!! It was just too hot for any really big main meal. It was great to see my sister again, the last time I saw her was in January which is when they were last back over in the UK. However soon they will be back in the UK permanently as they have reached their end of their posting in Cyprus. I will leave this post with a couple of photos from the holiday:

Monday, July 9, 2012

Good weekend

This weekend was a good weekend.

I spent the weekend in Wales with my boyfriend at his parents house. We went down thursday night and came back last night.

Every time I go I feel more and more comfortable, as if I just fit with his family and it's like I belong - which is a nice feeling to have. I don't think I've ever really felt like this with any of my previous boyfriends families.

Saturday night we went to the top of the Great Orme ( just in time to see the sun starting to set. It was a very beautiful view and quite romantic (it would of been more romantic but a group of amateur photographers kind of ruined it by turning up 5mins after we did and then talking loudly about the best position to be in and clicking away with their cameras with the flash on!). I was also treated to a chinese takeaway which was very yummy, I haven't had a chinese in awhile so it was good.

It was abit of a relaxing weekend, we went to the local shops a couple of times. My bf spent some of the time in the garage with his dad and brother, as they are building a pirate ship for his nephews (it actually looks quite good and think once its done will be very impressive). While they were in the garage I spent some time with his mum. We seem to be getting on well which is also nice.

We went to see his sister and family on the friday night which was nice. All of his nieces and nephew there seem to like me which is good, there was a battle at one point as to who would get to sit on our knees and who would be sat between us (i believe a photo was taken of this but I havent seen it yet).

Will be going back in a few weeks time hopefully.

Today so far I have been busy reducing my large to-do list that I seem to have gathered. On the to do list still is to find my charger for my ds, find my address book and cook some tea!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Never tell someone its not possible. If  I listened to people telling me things weren't possible I wouldn't be in possession of the degree I have now, I would still be living with my parents, I wouldn't be in scouting and I would be nowhere near as happy as I am now.

So remember: everyone is a star and there dreams maybe different to yours but it doesnt make them any less valid.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Being happy

It's rare to not see a smile on my face. People think I'm never unhappy, its not true, I've just got good at not showing it most of the time as I don't like to make a big deal out of things and try to remain positive. Sometimes it's just not possible.