Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Believe video

Hopefully this will have worked, first attempt at trying to put a youtube video on my blog!


Tonight is Beavers night! Beavers are alot more hard work than Scouts yet inifinitely more rewarding. Looking forward to tonights meeting, as last week they did tye-dyeing and this week they get their tshirts back. We left them soaking in the dye for I think it was 6days in the end (hopefully they were taken out the dye last night otherwise they are still in there!) instead of the initial 2 that the beaver leader was hoping for. They didn't get taken out on friday because she wasn't at gangshow rehearsals which is when they were going to be taken out. I can't wait to see the kids faces as none of them had really done tye-dyeing before, so really hope they like the finished results. It was quite rewarding last week just tying the tshirts up with elastic bands. Many of them couldnt grasp that concept at first but after showing them all individually how to do it after just a couple they were well away- I think there is going to be some real funky creations tonight.

Whilst I still love being an assistant scout leader, I'm loving being an assistant beaver leader too!!

So thats to look forward too.

Since my other blog post I had another gangshow rehearsal which is 3.5hours long. It was tiring and I think I was as tired as the junior cast members. Overall the rehearsal went well though, although I did get tears in my eyes when we were singing 'World In Union'. I don't know what it is about that song but everytime I sing I think I'm going to cry.

Today I have been tidying/emptying my bedroom out of most of its furniture and stuff stored under the bed/on top of the wardrobe into my spare room. This is because my dad is going to paint it for me this weekend yay! I thought the less furniture he had to work round the easier it would be for him. So now I can't really enter my study and my dad only has to work around my bed, wardrobe and one set of drawers. I removed all the stuff from under my bed, my bedside table, a set of drawers, my laundry hamper and a portable heater. I think my mum may shout at me when she realises what I have moved when she comes round tomorrow to help me move the wardrobe away from the wall! Oh well, quite excited that its finally getting painted as it's been on the cards since september. However have only just got organised enough and had enough time for it to get done. It will go from cream (which is the colour of every single wall in my bungalow!) to violet white. Which is a very pale purple. It's nice and light so the room still seems big and airy but it will be a change from cream!!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Do you ever find sometimes that song lyrics really speak to you? Well at the moment I'm in the middle of rehearsals for Gangshow and one of the songs we are singing is Believe. I have put they lyrics below and put in bold the verse that really spoke to me last night as were singing them:


When I look up to the stars, There’s a burning deep inside me
And I feel a power growing in my soul.
There is something I can sense, Deep within a dream to guide me,
And I know that I am reaching for my goal.

I can do anything at all, I can climb the highest mountain,
I can feel the ocean calling wild and free.
I can be anything I want, With this hope to drive me onward,
If I can just believe in me.

When the skies are dark and grey, We still know the sun is shining:
Though it’s out of sight, its light is glowing still.
And as long as I believe, There is nothing I can’t wish for;
Not a dream that I’m unable to fulfill.

I can do anything at all...

And whatever it takes I’ll find it somehow;
Whatever it needs I’ll show I’m strong.
Whatever it takes I’ll make it happen:
Finding out where I belong.

While the world is spinning round, I can sometimes lose direction
And I know how hard it is to find my way.
But with friends around to care, There is nothing I can’t handle,
And I’ll face the future treasuring each day.

I can do anything at all...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

feeling low....

the title says it all really. struggling at the minute and feeling low and on the verge of tears all the time. I know why and its mainly really selfish reasons but at the end of the day its still making me feel like life isn't worth carrying on with.

trying to regain postivity but its not so easy right now.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rememberance Service

So today was the rememberance service. Normally every year I attend the one in my town as part of the Royal British Legion Wreath party. However this year as things have changed in my scout troop (making me the only technical scout leader and we have two cub leaders) I had to attend the one which my scout troop does. Last year I didnt have to be with the scouts as there were 2other leaders and I just paraded with the scouts for St. George's day.

I was so proud and happy that out of the 9 scouts in my troop 7 of them turned up! That was the best turn out the troop has had for a service!! Not only did they all turn up but they were smart and well turned out as well-even better. I may also have been slightly smug that we outdid the cubs (normally the cubs always have a higher % turn out than the scouts) but today there were 3 cubs out of the 14 in the pack.

The service went well and all of the kids behaved and were respectful. After that service we then moved to another place just slightly outside of the village and the scouts laid a wreath in rememberance as well. The flag bearers during the wreath laying did very well, as it was about 20minutes of where they had to stand still with the flag up. There was a couple of slight wobbles at one point where the scout nearly knocked out the RBL member who was saying the bits before and after the playing of the last post (I cant remember what its called which is really bad!!) and the cub nearly knocked out the Reverend with his flag!! Never mind they regained their balance and nobody got knocked out during any the point.

Alot of credit had to go to the two scouts who held the flag this year as our flag holder was missing so they didnt have anything to support it in!

The photo at the top of this post was taken after I got home after being out for just over 3hours! I am still enormously proud whenever I wear my scout leaders uniform and still loving our new necker change (it used to be a goldy yellow colour). Although the leaders neckers are massive on me and I can get away with wearing a childs necker!!

Just a little catch up on my day

Friday, November 12, 2010

A little more knowledge.....not alot more use

So after another long discussion with a physio on wednesday and much prodding of my chest (painful!) and a visit to the gp had also occurred on monday we discovered I don't have pleurisy after all. I infact have some muscular skeletal problems which is probably infact worse than pleurisy.

What is now believed to be the case is that I have strained and pulled the muscles so much on both sides of my chest wall that fibres have been torn (lucky me!). Normally this would take about 2-3weeks to heal after you have finished coughing. Anyone notice the problem there??????

Thats right, I will never stop coughing. I have physio to do which induces coughing and then there is everytime i step out of the warmth into the cold, and back into the warmth after being in the cold that also induces coughing fits!! So basically this pain will continue for what could be months as its going to take a long time to heal. As any harsh coughing is going to just restretch the muscles and slow down or undo any repairing that had been going on!

The solution: keep taking ibuprofen, rest as much as possible and suppress the cough as much as possible until I think the phlegm will is very close to come up so that the coughing will then be as brief as possible! Otherwise basically noone can do anything and I just have to live with it.

Living with it is easier said than done considering-having a shower and washing my hair causes the pain to flare up, washing the dishes causes the pain to flare up, going round the supermarket causes the pain to flare up, standing up for longer than 15minutes at a time even if its just standing still causes pain to flare up.

Resting and not doing alot doesnt come easy to me!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random photo

Ok, so I'm a little bored and felt like blogging. Didn't really have a lot to say so decided I would share a random photo that I found on my computer. This was me in the maize maze in september at Hemsby! It was lots of fun and by the time we had finished had walked about 6 miles (very tiring!). We didnt have a map so got lost quite a few times but eventually made it out.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Catch up

So since my last post a week ago:

I have spent every day at my parents house! We sell poppy pins, car poppies and lorry poppies on ebay every year for the Poppy Appeal. Well this week the sales went crazy and every day we were posting out over 100 envelopes. Well that takes a lot of time to get them off the computer and packaged up. So I was spending every day helping my mum do those while my dad was at work during the day!

Wednesday evening I went to beavers (yay) and had fun there.

Thursday evening it was cubs and scouts and my dad came out with me to give a talk on Remembrance and the poppy appeal. It seemed to go well and the kids seemed to learn some stuff.

Friday I had to fit in food shopping as well as ebay packaging! Then in the evening it was gangshow rehearsals. It's going well and I will now be carrying a flag on stage (woop woop!).

Yesterday I got to babysit for my gorgeous 3month old niece while my brother took my 5yr old niece to some fireworks. I wasn't really bothered about going to a display as it was just too cold and still struggling with the pleurisy. So instead i got to have cuddles with my niece and put her to bed. She spent alot of the evening sleeping anyway so inbetween i got to watch strictly come dancing and x factor!

Not alot planned for the upcoming week beyond my usual stuff!