Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas time

Below is a very very very very small selection of some photos from my christmas.
All of the presents that I was lucky enough to receive this year:

Waiting (not so patiently) to open my presents christmas day morning (I think I am rocking the reindeer antlers!):

My stocking presents:

One of my favouritest stocking presents is right in the bottom hand corner, you can't really tell in this picture but its a penguin shaped cookie cutter!!! I can't wait to make some penguin shaped biscuits :o) My second favourite is right at the top of the picture on the left- a wooden nose. The picture below will show you what it is the nose is used for:
That's right- its (well what I think anyway) a very funky glasses holder. It now sits on my bedside table so that when I go to sleep in an evening my glasses can rest safely on my nose. Instead of just on their table where I very frightening regularity normally send them flying onto the carpet when I try to find them to put them on in a morning. You think I would be better at finding my glasses after wearing them for 16years, but nope!! Glasses haven't gone on the floor once since getting the nose, which hasn't even been a week yet but still better than before!!

I had a good christmas, I spent the weekend at my parents house and spent the time with my family. It was a good day and everyone enjoyed themselves and were pleased with what Santa brought them. Being able to spend christmas with young ones makes it even more magical!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Its been abit of a busy few weeks!

I spent about a week snowed in and not really able to go far as couldnt get my car safely on or off the drive.

I'm trying to remember what else I have been upto!!!

With the scouts we did some christmas crafts and one of these was decorating the stockings. I then kept hold of the stockings ("so they could dry") and returned them to the kids at their christmas party full of some little presents. They all got a pencil, two chocolates (A santa and a snowman about the size of a small choc coin) and a small bag of haribo. Which nicely filled up the stocking. I thought it would be a good idea to wrap them all!! Well there were 25 stockings to do. That wrapping took me over 4hours to do in total. For future reference tiny little chocolates are very awkward to wrap up!!!!

On the 12th December I went to a carol service with the scouts. 3 out of our group turned upto the service which was abit of a poor showing but I enjoyed the service. Some good carols were sung that all of the kids knew and weren't too random (I've noticed that sometimes services aimed primarily at kids have some real random carols/hymns in that they are never going to know so dont sing).

It's also been a very busy time with scout post. I ended up in charge of a very large area and between me and my very helpful dad it took us 8hours over this weekend and last weekend to deliver about 1600 christmas cards that weren't sent through the scout post scheme!! This helps raise money for the groups which is a good thing but it was cold and boring and it makes you sick of the sight of christmas cards (if mine hadnt been written before I started delivering scout post nobody would of been getting one!).

On thursday I finally made it to clinic (my previous appointment got cancelled because of the snow). It went well, was a relatively quick appointment for my clinic-just under 2hours. Whilst my lung function isn't the best its been this year it also isnt the worse and so I didn't need IVs or oral antibiotics and we will see what it is like in January!!

I am all organised and sorted for christmas. All my presents are brought and wrapped and have been handed out to the correct people. I have just one present left in my house that is for my friend who is visiting this week when it will be given to them then. Scouts has now finished for christmas so I have about 3weeks off from meetings and gangshow rehearsals (yay!). Things are going to be very busy in January and February with gangshow so looking forward to this break.

I think thats about me upto date, even if this blog post is very higgeldy piggeldy.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas decorations

On the top shelf are all the 'boot' mugs me and my mum collected whilst visiting the german christmas markets. They are the gimmick they have to get you to buy a hot chocolate (or something a little stronger such as gluhwein) whilst walking round the markets. most places charged 1 or 2 euros as a "deposit" for the mug which you got back if you returned them but as you can see we chose to keep ours- as do most visitors to the market! On the bottom shelf are most of the ornaments I brought from the markets! (Except for the snowglobe which I got in Lapland when I had a visit to santa in 1997).

I started to put my tree up and then got a little bored (I really don't like the job of having to put all the branches down and spreading them out), so the tree stayed like this for a good few hours!!
It finally progressed to being all set up ready to decorate! It also already has its "skirt" on. My mum and dad also have one and basically it hides the plastic feet of the tree and its something for presents to sit on also!
With lights on and turned on!Fully decorated tree!! I have also put up my ceiling decorations and got a few other ornaments dotted around. I have a nativity scene on my windowsill and a very tiny wooden tree sitting on my tv stand with some christmas penguins.