Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another week later

Ok, so I haven't blogged in a week so I'm going to have to think quite hard about what it is that I've been doing!!!

Monday and Tuesday I didnt really get upto loads, watched some dvds and spent some time with housemates just relaxing and enjoying that we have no more essays or exams to do still!!

Wednesday I was back at home for the day for some house viewings. I liked the first house I saw but the estate agent person who showed us round told us "unofficially" that "if I was her daughter she wouldnt want me living in this house on my own" as they have had trouble with the neighbours (believe from speaking to people afterwards they are possibly known drug addicts!). Which was nice of her to tell us, but it was good to see another house and what was being offered for the amount of rent. In the afternoon I saw a flat and it was horrible!! As soon as I walked in I turned to my mum and was whispering "no no no no no no"! It had a kitchen cum living room thing, which was essentially along one wall of the living room kitchen cupboards, sink, oven, washing machine and fridge freezer! Which would of been fine if the cream carpet had not gone up to the kitchen sink!!! The bathroom was also immensely tiny, in fact it was being advertised as a wet room, there was literally only just room for the shower cubicle, toilet and sink!! and you couldnt shut the door without first stepping to the side where the shower was- highly unpractical. I am looking for a small ish place but there is small and there is just ridiculous!!! After viewing that we drove round to see the house that I am most interested in. I dont know if I said but the last time I viewed it the kitchen and bathroom had been gutted and all the doors were laying on the floors as they had been taken off their hinges for doorframes to be painted and the doors to be restained. Well we stopped by to see if we could possibly peer in the windows and look at the new kitchen but the builder was there and let us in to look properly!! I fell in love with it all over again when I saw the new kitchen- its just beautiful!!! I also got to help pick the new lino for the floor-very exciting. (I am viewing this house again 'officially' on friday and handing in the forms to apply for it at the same time-yay!!!).

Thursday three of us went to a local home made ice cream parlour called 'daisy made' and the ice-cream was absolutely delicious!!! We also played a round of crazy golf that they had there, which was interesting as it was broken up by a short spell of rain where we had to run back inside, where we sat the rain out before going back out to play. The weather was fine apart from that brief spell of rain! We had ice-cream before and after the golf!!! I tried cinder toffee flavour, cream tea (scone and swirls of jam in vanilla icecream) flavour and lancaster bomber (chocolate and vanilla icecream with chocolate balls) flavour. All were extremely yummy! None of us were quite brave enough to try the bubblegum flavour though due to its bright blue colouring!!!!

Friday I met up with friends where we had a very long lunch (3hours!!!), it was really nice to catch up and one of them just talks for england! She really does, thats why it took so long. As we had finished eating by half 1 but didnt leave the pub until 3 and we had met up at 12!!! After that two of us went to see Angels and Demons at the cinema. Which was a good film but in comparison to the book was abit disappointing, my friend got quite lost because she hadnt read the book and I had to explain somethings to her afterwards so she could understand it. As they had cut out some of the important central points to the plot in the film so was easily confusing, so if you want to see the film, definitely read the book first!!!!

Yesterday I was back home again for my mums birthday and we had a BBQ!!!! Which was my first one of the year- yay!

Today I have been packing some of my things up in my uni room but also taken a nice walk in the sunshine along the river where I saw some swans nesting!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A trip to the butterfly and wildlife park

Yesterday 4 of us took a trip to the butterfly and wildlife park at Long Sutton! It was a really nice day, the rain held off the whole time we were there. There was abit of rain as we were driving to and from the park but not while we were there- yay!
They have quite a variety of different animals. We started off looking at the outside animals, incase it did start to rain so we didnt miss out them. These included eagles, owls, goats, geese, racoons, many different types of birds, a peacock, curly coated pigs! (they looked like a cross between sheep and pigs), llamas, shetland pony, sheep and falcons.

It was very very humid in the butterfly house! We managed 30minute bursts in there before it got too much and we had to go back outside again to get some cool fresh air. I think between the 3 of us with cameras we managed to get some good pics of most of the different pretty butterflies!

This is one of the birds in the walk-through aviary. That was good to walk through as the birds were flying freely within it and some were sitting on the path and everything! There was a bird-spotting guide that you could take at the entrance to try and identify all the different varieties that you could see flying around. Some of the birds just really werent bothered and wouldnt move out the way when you were walking near them, so had to be careful we didnt step on any!!!
The photo below is me in the butterfly house!

On the way back, we also made a slight detour and randomly stopped at Moulton Mill, which is apparently the largest mill in Britain. We saw a sign for it and thought why not!!! We had finished at the Park at about 2pm, after getting there for when it opened at 10, so still had plenty of time to go and visit the mill. The tour takes about 1hour and we got there at about 2.45, and it closed at 4! So maybe we didnt have quite as much time as we thought, but luckily there was a tour guide available who could take us round when we arrived. We had just missed the last tour group by about 5minutes!!! So if he had been the only tour guide we wouldn't of been able to go round. It was a good tour and also had a lift installed to take disabled people upto the first floor of the mill, which they had converted to make it wheelchair friendly. It had tv screens so that they could then stay on the first floor, but still see the rest of the tour via tv screen while those were able continued upto the 7th floor!! It is the only mill in britain that also offers that kind of service, and also had some exhbits for people to have a go on, like a mini grinding stone that you can operate by hand, like the ones that actual grind the grain into meal in the mill. Definitely a good little diversion to of made!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have now completed my undergraduate degree!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I have my final ever exam for this degree on tuesday and it's getting a little bit scary!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The circus!

Yesterday evening 3 of us went to the circus! It was good fun, it was a mixture of animals being paraded round the ring and doing some tricks (there were horses, shetland ponies, pygmy goats, birds that were possibly pigeons and doves I couldnt really tell!, 2 camels, 2 llamas and 2 zebras). The pygmy goats were very cute as were the shetland ponies, me and my friend decided that we could easily fit one of the ponies into our living room and it would also fit in my car!!!! Then there was also bippo the clown and some acrobatic bits which involved aerial silks, the "wheel of death" and also another aerial type act. Must say seeing them perform in the air without any kind of safety harness or safety net underneath them was a little bit scary! Especially a couple of times when it really looked like they were going to fall!!!! After the show had finished we all paid 50p to go backstage and see the animals in their stables (that money apparently goes towards maintenance of the animals-so towards their food and vet bills). At which point a stray pygmy goat who wasnt in their stable butted me in the leg, and then someone watching them let it off its restraint so it could wander about free!!! my friends found this highly amusing, when all I had wanted to do was give it a stroke, which they said we were allowed to do when we went to see the animals. I have attached a picture of said pygmy goat and also one of a llama pulling a very funny face! Unfortunately we werent allowed to take pictures during the show, so I dont have any of the actual acts, but it was a good evening. We decided very impulsively that we would go, as in the afternoon before as we didnt even realise the circus was in town until a leaflet was put through the door, giving you half price admittance!!!

I am now back at home for the weekend and looking at a couple of houses for rent, and hopefully one of them will be suitable and I can apply for it and have somewhere of my own to move into once I move out of my student house!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A new blog

I missed blogging, so I've created a new one again!

Ok, so I am now just 7days away from finishing my undergraduate degree! I have completed all essays and am now busy (ish) revising for my last exam. This is on tuesday 12th May at 2pm and will last 1hr10mins!!! Then after that I will have technically finished with university and just be awaiting my results which will be out early July!!

I am also busy looking for a place to live for when I have to move out of my student house, as I have grown out of living with my parents and while I still love spending time with them, I have grown to value my own independence even more. So on friday I have got a couple of house viewings booked in, which I am quite excited about. One of them I will be viewing for a second time, this time with both parents in tow to get their views in case they spot something wrong with it that I don't!!!

My diary is starting to get pretty full over the summer months with holidays and appointments and other more exciting things. Most excitingly I am going to see Bill Bailey in July and then 3days after seeing Bill Bailey I have tickets to go and see the West End Production of Oliver! Which I am extremely excited about, I watched the BBC programme for the search for Nancy and 3boys to play Oliver. While I didnt really like their choices for the Olivers I did like that Jodie Prenger won the role of Nancy, so looking forward to seeing her in the role!!! Lots more things are happening but I will talk about them all abit nearer the time!