Monday, January 24, 2011

Today has been a day of baking!!

I have made cupcakes and biscuits.

The biscuits took me 3 attempts to get them to work (I couldnt get the mixture to form into a dough by following the recipe exactly, so I merged a couple of shortbread recipes together and on the third attempt got what I was after!). Today was the first day I used my penguin cutter that I got in my stocking for christmas and below are the results:

The biscuits are very yummy and I have 36 of them left! They had to be cooked in a couple of batches because I dont have enough baking trays or a big enough oven to cook them all in one go.

The cupcakes are a packet mix. They are strawberry and white chocolate cupcakes from morrisons. I was a little disappointed when I realised they only made 6 in a box, I clearly don't pay enough attention when looking at the boxes in the supermarket. I have to wait until tomorrow to try these as I am taking them to my brothers house as he has invited me for tea. Below are the cupcakes:

They look extremely yummy and I am trying to be very good at not having one now!! Here is all of my creations together:

My kitchen looked like a flour and icing sugar bomb had hit it after I had finished!! Its a good job kitchen surfaces are easy to wipe down really.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

busy busy busy

Since my last blog I have been busy busy busy!

In March I will be running my very first scout camp/sleepover thing! Whilst I have now been on 2 or 3 camps/sleepovers with the scouts and the beavers this will be the first one that I am in charge of!!

There is alot of planning and organising involved, coming up with fun and new activities that will keep a group of fourteen 10-13yr olds happy and occupied for a weekend. Then the cubs will also be joining us for the second night, so on the sunday I have to plan activities for twenty three 7-13yr olds!! Now that is a large age gap to try and plan for. Especially when I am trying to plan activities that they haven't really done before so it doesn't feel repetitive. They will be staying over in a scout hut which will be their first time as they are usually on a campsite in tents.

I think I am there with all of my activities now. I just need to send out the letters, get money in and get organised. I have a couple of other leaders who will be my 'catering team' for the weekend and so I need to speak to them regarding menus for the weekend.

I am excited about it but there is alot of work involved in the planning of a scout weekend away. I don't think I ever really gave full credit to those who have run the other camps as you don't see all the things like sending NAN forms and filling in home contact forms and all things like that.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Rest In Peace Skittles

On wednesday I got the news that Skittles had died in her sleep :o( My mum had been going to my house every day to check things were ok while I wasn't there. On tuesday Skittles was fine but when my mum went round wednesday morning she had passed on.

It feels very weird being at home at the minute and not looking at her cage

Monday, January 10, 2011

Blogging from my dsi xl

Not sure if this is exciting or just plain sad that i'm blogging from my nintendo DSi XL.

I got the XL on tuesday or wednesday of last week after saving up for it. i would trade in old wii or ds games I had completed and wouldn't play anymore and saving up the money on a game giftcard. Well I finally had enough pennies saved for one this week when I also added in some christmas money!

Since then I have been feeling pretty poorly with a flu virus (albeit more mildly than if I hadn't had the flu vaccine). On advice from my CF team I was started on tamiflu and ciprofloxacillin on friday. The virus seemed to hit from nowhere on friday morning but it was probably running at a low grade all week and peaked over the weekend. on saturday I didn't even want to read my book (very unusual!) or open any of the post i've been waiting for.

Starting to feel better today although from the state of my chest its not gone completely and can only keep my fingers crossed that the cipro is strong enough and ivs wont be needed!!! also this has been a good reminder as to why the flu vaccine is so important and why i'm glad I have it every year.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Eve

Me with my oldest friend (known each other 13years) with her hubby and Trike the dinosaur!
With the rest of who I saw New year in with (bar the person taking the photo).

I saw the new year in with one of my oldest friends from school and her family! We had a quiet night in round her parents house. We watched a couple of films: 'Disturbia' and 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and all saw the new year in with a cup of tea in hand!!

A fun night was had by all with some good laughs and some delicious food at the start of the evening.