Friday, August 2, 2013


So its been awhile! I had a great period of health and managed two whole months before I needed to go back on IVs, however when I did need to go back on them it was felt a weeks stay in hospital would be beneficial boo!

I've been on holiday to Hafan Y Mor, Pwellheli with D and A in a caravan. It was a great week and I took over 300 photos from it. We had lots of fun doing different things during the day and meeting up with D's family in the evening for an hour or so in the club so A could meet the characters (I think his favourite may have been Rory the Tiger but he seemed to enjoy a cuddle with Anxious the Elephant too).

Plans have been afoot for the wedding and we are now down to the final things that need to be sorted, organised or bought ready for October.

At the end of July I made the very hard decision to step down as Beaver Scout Leader from my beaver group to enable concentration on my health for awhile and to ensure I am in tip top condition for the wedding. I am sure I will return to scouting but for now I am having a couple of months out.

I have started on a new nebuliser antibiotic which is 3 times a day, it is done a month on a month off. On the month off I will be started on the TOBI podhaler, which is meant to be better than the bramitob nebuliser. Both of these things and a set of IVs that have been prebooked for the start of September as a precautionary thing are all to enable to enjoy my wedding to the best that I can and not be too poorly or tired on the day.

Birthdays have been celebrated and time has been enjoyed with A and D at home doing general stuff like trips to the park, time in the garden ( A is currently loving helping D water the plants in the garden and generally help in a big boy way) and playing with play-dough.

This coming month we have more birthdays to celebrate, a trip to the cinema to see Smurfs 2 and a free breakfast at the local beefeater that was won in a raffle.

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