Monday, October 7, 2013

Guardian Angels

Although I may not see you anymore
I cant share any more smiles
or more times of fun.

I will always remember that
when life seems to get hard again
that you all battled until the very end.

If things happen that seem hard
I'll remember what you guys went through
and never give up
as it was never as hard as that.

So if things seem to be hard
And I'm struggling to cope
I know i have twelve very special
guardian angels looking down on me
wishing me to cope.

So even when I want to give in
I will always remember you guys
and never give up.

I will achieve my dreams
not just for me but for you guys to
as you could never fulfill all of yours.

At least I know where you are
and that your together
having a laugh that you could
never really share before.

I will never forget you guys
your memories will always
live on within me.

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